Owner Operators

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We are always looking for great new team members with experience and passion for what we do. We listen and encourage feedback to improve our organization from within. We will get you the paying loads any time, any day, and keep you loaded.

We are continuously looking for talented individuals for our team. Please reach out today. Complete the form and we will get back to you.

Hot Shot Drivers

Hotshot freight is typically hauled for an individual customer in need of an expedited delivery. In most cases, it is a crucial delivery to prevent a disruption in service for a company or business. Hotshot loads can be 100 miles away or on the opposite side of the country.

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We are a growing trucking Hot Shot Carrier and Brokerage company. We are located outside of Waco Texas, in a small farming town called McGregor. We mainly run Hotshot loads with 40-foot gooseneck trailers.

Our Carrier and Brokerage services area includes local, state-wide, and national US and Canada. We have our own dispatch service and will do our best to keep our drivers loaded 24/7.

We are accepting applications for Owner-Operators, Hotshot drivers, box trucks, flat beds, step decks, and auto carriers.

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